NaturaLux UV Sleeves

NaturaLux UV Light Filters and LED Light Lenses & Channels

NaturaLux UV light filters block harmful UV rays emitted from fluorescent light bulbs. They also provide full spectrum lighting, eliminate glare, and color correct fluorescent light. In addition to the many health benefits they provide, NaturaLux filters also extend the life of various food products and reduce fading of fabric, furniture, paintings, and photographs.

Our clear and colored LED lenses are an essential component for various LED lighting applications. Some sizes are in stock, and custom sizes can be made to your specifications. We also stock some standard polycarbonate and aluminum LED light channels & bases, and we can make those in custom sizes as well. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Various LED Lenses
Colored LED Lenses
LED Lens with Plastic Channel
LED Lens with Aluminum Channel